About Us

3rd Park Hospital is a specialist hospital anchored on four pillars: nascent recent knowledge in medicine, technology, experience & good reputation of specialist Doctor. 

Our 3rd Park Story

The initiation of 3rd Park Hospital is based on critical mass of specialist doctors with good reputation in their medical practice. To offer a corporate identity to the hospital led by these doctors, the hospital will engage in other marketing initiatives to grow the hospital business.

3rd Park Hospital intends to start its operations in Nairobi and grow the medical services and training framework into the surrounding countries (Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan as well as West Africa) 


Our Mission

To offer exceptional, personalized & advanced healthcare services and training.

Our Vision

To be a world-class specialized healthcare and training facility


Our Aim

  1. Superior specialized services and top-of-the-line equipment therefore reduce referrals abroad.
  2. To be Affordable
  3. Train more sub-specialists in Minimally invasive surgery and IVF –reduce brain drain
We offer exceptional services

How we are unique!

We are the first hospital in East and Central Africa to have:-

•Standard Modular theatre complex

•Video management integration system

•3D/4K laparoscopy

•Smoke evacuation equipment

•Fully modular IVF suite with oocyte storage, LASER hatch, PGS

Endoscopy suite with unparalledEVIS-X1 system

•Fully integrated modern training centre

•Fully encompassed CSSD 

Relaxing Podium

Clinic Services

Sterilization Units

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Imaging Services

Consulting Rooms

Our hospital aims at providing comfortable and state of the art facilities through excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. 

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