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MIS Training Centre in Nairobi

3rd Park Hospital’s MIS Training Centre in Nairobi opened its doors in 2021. We boast a state of the art conference hall with a two wat A-V link to the operation theatres, thus ready for training and also fully equipped for both online (virtual) and on-site events. Our facility specializes in Minimally Invasive Surgery Courses and we offer training for surgeons who are looking to improve upon their laparoscopic skills and conference.

In many areas of the world, including Kenya, there is an unmet need for training and investment in surgical courses, especially minimally invasive surgery techniques. Our various workshops aim to provide mentorship and training with practical and dynamic content, the latest technology, safe surgical approaches and risk detection.

Our training workshops are a combination of didactic lectures, practical training, this includes either endo trainers, live tissue or pig lab depending on the workshop, and at times live surgeries.

The objective of the minimally invasive surgery courses is to provide specialized training in minimally invasive surgical techniques, with a focus on comprehensive patient care and the development of highly skilled Minimally Invasive Surgeons in Kenya and East Africa.

The various workshops aim to equip fellows with the knowledge, skills, and clinical experience necessary to perform a wide range of minimally invasive surgery procedures across various surgical specialties.

During our minimally invasive surgery courses we aim to:

  • Train attendants in advanced application of minimally invasive surgery techniques.
  • Bridge both theoretical and practical educational approaches, where trainees will utilize a combination of practical-based learning (periodic assessment and surgical cases) in tandem with completing coursework content (literature readings, lectures, and videos).
  • And ultimately produce competent and proficient (MIS) Minimally Invasive surgeons, who can provide optimal patient outcomes and contribute to the advancement of minimally invasive surgery techniques in Kenya and East Africa.

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